Wednesday, September 27

Mossad and Zionists and tigers, oh my!

Shlemazl offers a sharp look at British "genteel" (yeahright) anti-Semetism, not to mention the part played by a certain noxious MP called Jenny Tonge:
It is very sad seeing what is happening to Britain of Churchill and Maggie. Moonbats are on the rise and are vying for power. Here is what Baroness Tonge had to say:
The pro-Israeli Lobby has got its grips on the Western World. Its financial grips. I think they've probably got a certain grip on our party.
Fascinating stuff. How new! I am sure it makes sense to some people. Here are my two-penny worth of observations:

1. Brits are extremely dumb.
Well, that certainly doesn't include Melanie Phillips.

...But wait, there's more! For more wacky hilarity, go take a look at the UK's Muslim Public Affairs Committee website where that lovely image above is hosted:
Masajid and ISOCs Silent As Zionists Move In On Inayat Bunglawala!

"See with your own eyes that I am standing here firm and determined, and I will not flee" Khalid Bin Waleed. Today we can reveal that Inayat Bunglawala the pro Palestinian Media spokesperson for the MCB has been the target of Zionists around the world, in an onslaught that began last Thursday (25.05.06), in an all out campaign to have him sacked from his job. Someone had sent an offensive email from the same workplace to a Zionist Blog. The person who sent the email was indeed suspended last Friday (26.05.06).

Mossad and Zionists and tigers, oh my!

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