Wednesday, September 27

Money talks - in shekels and riyals

Ynet News offers a surprising bit of info, zeroing in - well, no, actually - what's the opposite of "zeroing in, "anyway? about the scope of business going on between:

the accursed, infidel, lackey, running dog, sons of apes and pigs, Zionist Tel Aviv regime and - wait for it - Prime Minister Ehud's Olmert's newest, bestest friends:

Saudi Arabia.
According to the data, 12 Israeli companies currently have export relations with Saudi Arabia, compared to only four companies which exported to the kingdom in 2004. Some of the companies export directly and some indirectly.

The Israeli companies export to Saudi Arabia medical equipment, fertilizers, minerals, metals, machines, mechanical appliances, and more.

According to data published by the Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute, Israeli exporters sold products worth USD 245 million in Arab countries in 2005, including exports to Arab countries through third parties.

There's more about trade with other Arab nations, as well.

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