Monday, September 11

Mighty lots of jets over Jerusalem this 9/11 morning...

I am hearing Israeli Air Force (as opposed to civvie) jets flying overheard (Jerusalem airspace) all morning. The amount of flyovers distinctly reminds me of the daily overflights during the course of the Lebanon War.

Oh. Right. It's 9/11, so I suppose they're not taking any chances and are flying coverage over the capital, against any terror possibility.

See following post for my 9/11 reportage. Excellent links page at Winds of Change, as well.

Powerline has video of the Arab world's reaction to the attacks, and humorist Dave Barry gets real serious in a moving elegy during a visit to the crash site of flight 93 at Shanksville, PA.

May the memories of those killed in the attacks, and those who gave their lives fighting against terrorism be as a blessing.

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