Friday, September 29

Last chance for repentance - and getting that ringtone... (Video)

Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," is at it again, demanding Jews that have wronged him throughout the year call his special on-air hotline so he can forgive them. Or so they think, hehehe...

Anyone know where to get that ringtone?

And the comments to it are cute. Stupid, but cute:

savesa (1 day ago)
is that a real holiday, i have been waiting years for my "jew*ish*" inlaws to call and to apoligize. hang on let me get my list to check off the apoligies as they roll on it.. lol
midsun (21 hours ago)
If you call that number, you get a message from Stephen.

pjpajamamuch (6 hours ago)
hahahhaha. kaph daled yud. the hebrew letters made it all awesome.

themastersb (3 hours ago)
I called the number and it was invalid.

The previous (hilarious) version of this skit is here.

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