Monday, September 4

Jews, they're like, so... over

Yes, I know it's waaaay too late to be blogging. But this was great in a Manhattan snarky (what th' hell does that mean, anyway?...) kinda' way, thanks to Harry, of course:
Let's start by saying we're not forsaking Israel or siding with Hezbollah or proclaiming our love for Mel Gibson. But? We do think the Jew thing is a little tired. Who isn't Jewish nowadays? Being a part of the tribe, one of God's chosen ones -- we're just not so special anymore.

We're not talking about Judaism overall (that's still rock solid); this is about the Jewish culture, and the culture's long been co-opted by the goyim. There was a time when being a member of the tribe helped you work the system and climb the ladder; nowadays, even all the non-Jews are so Jewish that the ladder's collapsed under their collective weight.

Look around you. Everyone New York is Jewish, even the anti-Semites -- especially the anti-Semites! There's got to be an anti-Semite Jewish mafia out there. You just know it.

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