Thursday, September 21

'A Hard Rain's Gonna' Fall' - in Hebrew (Video)

Although I never, as a rule, watch American Idol, or its Israeli version, "Cochav Nolad," rules are made to be broken, and this time it was over nominee Maya Rothman's neat little Hebrew version of Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's Gonna' Fall.'

Noted lyricist, playwright and columnist Jonathon Gefen did the translation (not too shabby at'll...), and, and, umm... I have no idea who actually won the contest.

Ahh, what the hell. Enjoy this YouTube version via Danya via Israelity. Shana Tova!


Ruthy said...

It is Jonathan Gefen (Aviv Gefen's father), a journalist and writer who translated "A hard rain's gonna fall" into hebrew as well as other songs.

Dave said...

Right, Ruthy. Thanks for the correction.

Auto Report World Editors said...

It's ironic, but just this morning I was listening to Bryan Ferry's cover of Hard Rain and when he sang the lyric

I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children,

I thought of all the photos of Palestinian children I've seen, dressed up with bomb belts, toy (and real) guns, and even the occasional scimitar.

If you pay attention to the video, when Rothman gets to that line, she sings it with particular emphasis and you can hear the audience react. My guess is they had the same reaction I did to the Ferry cover. It's hard for me to make out Gefen's translated lyrics because the audio quality on the video clip isn't the greatest, but it sounds to me like he has it as

"I saw a child sleeping with a gun and a sword."

Dulcenoa said...

Yes, it's true, that's what the line says, or rather "and a child sleeping with a gun and a sword".


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