Sunday, September 3

Face it: I'll never be a celebrity...

Here's a fun, Israeli Internet invention:
MyHeritage enables users to send in a photograph of themselves, family or friends, and seconds later receive up to 10 pictures of their celebrity look-alikes.

The celebrities include anything from Hollywood A-list actors like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, to athletes, politicians, scientists and even long-forgotten historical figures.

went on air in January, and already has 2.38 million subscribers, a figure that its founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet estimates will be around 2.5 million as this article reaches the press. Around 100,000 photos are uploaded to the site every day, and MyHeritage has become the 19th most talked about company on Internet blogs, beating Internet giants like ICQ, which only appears in the 82nd slot.

Here's another cute time-waster: View a clever VH1 clip of the app with funny comments by comedians.

Actually, this app was probably originally designed to ID terrorists waiting in line at the ATM, to take out money to buy Semtex, but really, I feel it was also meant just for me, with my face just made for radio...

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