Wednesday, September 13

Bush assassination film riles US (Video clip)

London's Daily Mail is touting a film clip from the soon to be released UK Channel 4 TV film, "Death of a President," showing the moment when US President George Bush is slain by two assassins bullets at a Chicago event.

From the article:
The £2 million movie, called Death of a President, has sparked controversy in America, with its British film-makers having to be guarded by private security men at this week's Toronto International Film Festival after threats were made on their lives.

The movie unfolds as a retrospective documentary that interviews fictional former Secret Service and FBI investigators and members of the Bush administration after the President's death.

They discuss the run up to a speech Bush was to give in Chicago 2007 and how 12,000 demonstrators took to the streets waving placards which read 'War Is Terrorism' and 'Stop Bush'.

The film use archival footage of Bush actually arriving in Chicago, combining it with actors playing his various aides. After Bush makes a speech we see him in a holding room taking a breather before exiting the hotel's conference centre.

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