Monday, August 7

Why I love my readers - and you should help them

Letters like this are why I love (most of) my readers - and you should too:
I would like to volunteer to help in northern israel, in hospitals, police, , civil guard, etc.. anything i can do in the distressed northern israel. I have a tehudat zehut [Israeli ID card] and both of my parents are in israel and i am in good shape. Volunteering in hospitals (orderly bringing in any victims of the strikes, etc.. Please also let me know iif i can extend it beyond a week and if there is any financial aid offer as my heart is fully devoted to israel i am planning on making aliya and want to help asap.
Please get back to me as soon as possible as to what my options are in helping in northern Israel and the cost? If there is financial assistance i would greatly appreciate i feel bad asking but i am low on funds. please let me know and thank you very much. I feeel that when Israeli's in northern israel see volunteers in hospitals from america it will lift there moral spirit and that is very important i care very much and want to make a difference.
Thank you,
G. A.
Readers? Send me replies ASAP, and I will forward all to this tzaddik.

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Charles said...

I am going to Israel as a IDF volunteer.

There is a group call Volunteer For Israel and their web site is:

You spend two to three weeks volunteering to work in hospitals and military bases.


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