Friday, August 18

What happened to 'never again'?

(Above) Bumper sticker on door of Nahariya apartment building damaged in Katyusha rocket strike; shrapnel pockmarks are visible at right. Translation: "Gush Katif & Samaria (northern West Bank) - We Have Love and it Will Win," a slogan of right-wingers, used, and later discarded, who opposed last year's Gaza Strip pullout. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Links to more exclusive audio andvideo coverage of the war. Please click over, look, listen and learn.

Greg Richards at The American Thinker:

As the smoke clears from the battleground of the Israel Hezb’allah War and as we observe the continued supineness of Israel in light of its first strategic defeat, the vocabulary of the situation gradually comes to the fore.

And now I can summarize my own shock at the failure of Israel to take the Hezb’allah challenge seriously – particularly before the war, whose probability of occurrence was near 100%, and for which we all assumed that Israel had planned its response. When the IDF drove up to the border and the wheels fell off the offensive, I can now articulate the question that was in my mind, but I could not quite “reach” – what happened to “never again?”

Israeli grieving over Katyusha damage to his home
(Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times)
And more locally, Brian Blum, writing for, opines:

"And so now, Israelis are asking: At the end of the day, what have we got to show for our effort? "

There is an excellent report and slide show (see photo above) about the results of the war at the New York Times.

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