Sunday, August 6

This Just In: Desperate Lieberman Endorses Islamic Caliphate

In what his opponent called a “cynical last-ditch ploy” to win the August 8 Democrat senatorial primary, Sen. Joe Lieberman today endorsed the establishment of a Muslim caliphate and the creation of a vast Islamic homeland in the middle east, including the territory now occupied by the state of Israel.

The Connecticut senator, an historic ally of Israel and of the Bush administration’s war on Islamist terror, said he changed his views when he saw the latest poll that shows challenger Ned Lamont with a double-digit lead just days before the election.

“I declare that Israel has no right to exist,” said Sen. Lieberman, “and the United Nations should immediately recognize Usama Bin Laden as the sovereign ruler of all the land and people from Iran to Egypt.”

A unnamed source at the Democrat National Committee said he expects the race to tighten considerably now that voters must choose between two “party-line Democrats.”

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