Sunday, August 13

Shelter from the storms: With a Montrealer & Israelis in a Nahariya bomb shelter (Exclusive Podcasts)

Listen to what immigrant and former Montrealer Rivka Malka, confined to a bomb shelter for over a month straight due to unrelenting Hizbullah Katyusha rocket bombardment, has to say about what what she calls slanted media coverage of the situation of Israelis under the bombardment.

In another shelter nearby, Israelis Kinneret and Kobi say the living conditions are intolerable, but appreciate the assistance provided by individuals and groups like Chabad.

I interviewed the residents as part of a visit to several shelters by Chabad Lubavitch emissaries delivering food and gift packages to the beleaguered residents.

At the conclusion of the report, the donor of the hundreds of gifts, Bob Belt of New York (interviewed in previous podcasts), addressing the group, adds concluding thoughts about shared Jewish destiny with those in the shelters.

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