Sunday, August 13

Note to Letterman: 'Abbagav' slams one outta' the park... (SATIRE)

Nasrallah's Top Ten Objections to the UN Delay-Fire Agreement:

  • The resolution doesn't mention disarming Israel of its Arrow anti-missile systems or the removal of American patriot batteries stationed in Occupied Palestine. Nor does it mention a freeze on all international funding supporting Israel's research on anti-missile lasers, systems that unfairly defend against the Iranian missiles that are Nasrallah's only realistic weapon against the Zionist Goliath.
  • Nasrallah still has a big backlog of photos he wants Reuters to run.
  • Still not happy with the so-called Blue Line, feels it should be redrawn along the Egyptian border.
  • The resolution identifies the Zionist entity by name.
  • Resolution mentions international compensation for damage to Lebanese infrastructure, but not for replacement of missiles destroyed by illegal Israeli incursions into sovereign Hizballah territory -- do you have any idea how much those things cost? And without compensation, it might be necessary to redirect other aid to "critical defense projects" in cooperation with the governments of Syria and Iran.
  • Gates of Hell not yet fully opened.
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Gavriel said...

I can see you got a good scan of Nasrallah's new deoderant endorsement. Thanks for your slammin' endorsement as well. Keep up the great work.


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