Wednesday, August 9

Northern Exposures (Exclusive video, audio, photos)

Took part in an all-day visit to communities, bomb shelters and a forward IDF post along the northern border with a US Israel supporter who handed out hundreds of gifts, food and good cheer. I will be posting exclusive video, audio, and many photos from the heartwrenching, sometimes frightening trek. But utterly exhausterated for now. Will be back soon...

Among the highlights:
  • Visiting with wounded soldiers, their families and staff at Nahariya's Western Galilee hospital
  • Talking with a former Montrealer and veteran Israeli from Nahariya, who's been stuck in a bomb shelter for almost a month
  • Clowning around with kids in the same shelter, to cheer their spirits
  • Talking with guitar-playing, tank-fixing troops, deployed eyeball-to-eyeball with Hizbullah
  • Getting sonically pummeled when caught in between a northward-bound IDF artillery barrage and a salvo of southbound Katyushas and mortars
Pics and a/v content is coming - please check back later

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