Friday, August 4

Liveblogging a Katyusha attack (UPDATED - AUDIO, VIDEO)

Nahariya resident Nissim Samsoni, 56, in front of his
Katyusha-scarred apartment. (Photo: Dave Bender)

I filed this report from a bomb shelter in Israel's coastal town of Nahariya, near Lebanon on Wednesday afternoon.

After visiting the home of a couple whose apartment next door had been damaged in a previous Katyusha rocket strike, I then interviewed a local Chabad rabbi who is deeply involved in aiding all the community's beleagured residents with food, entertainment and spiritual relief.

Then the Katyusha air-raid siren began to wail...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave. I could feel the tension in your voice as you narrated the scene. Your work is superb. Yacher Koach, from Texas State-San Marcos.

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and keep and all of the Jewish people in Israel safe. I wish Israel a decisive victory against her enemies.
Marie H. Gainesville, Fl

Anonymous said...

here is a slideshow about global islamist terror

God Bless Israel!
Long Live Israel!

here is another slideshow

Anonymous said...

GOD continue to Bless Israel and those who support Israel!

Those of us with a clue in America, stand behind Israel 100%!

geckofeeder said...

Bless you Dave, and all the people there. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Karridine said...

God Bless YOU, and yours, Sir!

This is NOT your fight alone, and the Baha'is are taking action to protect the Holy Land, too!

Stay with it!

Joyce said...

American Conservatives stand with Israel. The left is still making excuses for the monsters.

Smash Hezbollah. It's the only way...the only language they understand. If you show restraint they will mistake it for weakness instead of compassion. You are dealing with the devil.

God bless you all and keep you safe.

tw111 said...

Stay safe, we are with you in spirit and prayers.

(Greetings from LGF)


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