Monday, August 7

JerusalemOnline news update: 00:00, Aug. 6th (Video - Channel 2 TV)

  • 12 dead, 12 wounded in rocket strike on northern kibbutz

  • At least three dead, over 160 casualties in multiple Katyusha barrages on Haifa

  • Damascus threatens war if Israel targets Syria

  • Lebanon rejects UN cease-fire bid
  • Israel: Hizbullah kidnapper of IDF soldiers nabbed

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Israel Channel 2 video news

(Full disclosure: I am on the news team, and prepared tonight's episode, with translation, editing and voiceover.

It was a bitch to write tonight's show - the Haifa Katyusha attack was just before airtime, so the story and details kept changing throughout the script...

The video editor and I were stunned trying to keep up with the narrative - and the body count, especially after this morning's strike against Kfar Giladi.)

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