Thursday, August 17

IsraelVoices: Real Israelis - Real Voices (Video)

A new pro-Israel video site came on-line in recent days: IsraelVoices. From their home page:

Real people on the frontlines of the global war against brutal terror. They face missile attacks, border incursions, kidnappings, suicide bombers and unlimited daily threats designed to spread panic and fear. Yet the courageous people of Israel - men, women and children of all ages, diverse backgrounds, and cultures - bravely stand together united to defeat an evil that threatens their nation and free societies throughout the world. Real People. Real Stories. Real Courage. Unscripted. In their own words.

These are their stories, in their own words, of their own search for relatively normal lives in a dangerous, hostile region of the world; opportunities for love and work; leisure and liberty; a chance to dream, build, risk and sacrifice; the freedom to live their lives and contribute to a better world.

Worth taking a look, and viewing some of the videos.
(Full disclosure: I am an editor/broadcaster at JerusalemOnline, who are partners with IsraelVoices)

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