Sunday, August 20

'I'm with stupid'

Note to those who (may) wonder why I post so many parodies, satirical takes, and editorial cartoons on the situation here (about 1/3 of the content, by my guesstimate):
  • Colleagues throughout the blogosphere - too many to mention, locally and abroad, but you all know who you/they are - already have first rate "think pieces."
  • When do they have the time to write all that?
  • I am in near-despair over the situation in the wake of the "cease-fire," etc, and have come to the conclusion that parody and satire often point to a deeper truth with verbal or visual shorthand.
  • Many other bloggers don't, no idea why.
  • What do you think? Leave a comment.

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westbankmama said...

There is always more going on than meets the eye - whether by G-d's plan, or by human beings. Yes, there were huge screw-ups, and we have to clean out our incompetant leaders as soon as possible. But there were also successes, and positive things - the unity in Israel, the bravery of regular soldiers, and most of all the fact that the people here have woken up (mostly) to the dangers that we on the right have been talking about since Oslo (13 long years of warnings).


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