Monday, August 14

Hizbullah: How... disarming... (Editorial Cartoon)

Cox & Forkum
From Ha'aretz:
A meeting of the Lebanese government on the disarming of Hezbollah south of the Litani River was canceled yesterday following an announcement by the Shi'ite organization that it was not willing to discuss the subject. Hezbollah informed the government of its stance through the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Beri, who serves as a conduit to the organization.

Beri informed Prime Minister Fuad Siniora of Hezbollah's decision, and Siniora decided to cancel the meeting.
From Ynet News:

Israel Defense Forces officials reported that a Hizbullah terrorist tried to open fire at soldiers in the village of Hadata in the western region Monday morning.

The soldiers fired back and hit him. There were no injuries among the soldiers.

IDF officials stressed that "the force opened fire in self defense. The IDF honors the UN resolution agreement, but will continue to defend the forces deployed in the area and the citizens of the State of Israel."

From The Jerusalem Post:

As Israel pounded Hizbullah targets in southern Lebanon with bombs, artillery fire and advancing ground troops, some Lebanese at home and abroad were quietly applauding Israel's offensive.

And finally (saving the best for last):

Michael Totten and Allison Kaplan Sommer recently discussd "how to boil down some of the dynamics of the Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon relationship in this conflict to a level that the average non-Middle-East-expert would understand:

"I told him how I tried to explain how Israelis feel about the Lebanese civilian casualties, particularly the children:

"Imagine that someone with a gun is holding you (Israel) hostage. And the gunman (Hezbollah) had his pistol pointed right at your child’s head."

Read the rest here.

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