Thursday, August 3

Greetings from the bombarded north!

Ma'alot: Residents and volunteers inspect home, demolished in
Katyusha attack, Wednesday, Aug. 3. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Sorry for being away a few days: I am posting this from Rosh Pina, near Tzfat along the northern border with Lebanon, as Katyusha and IDF artillery exchange fire nonstop - the sounds of both thudding nearby. I will post as many video and audio reports, and photos as possible.

I visited residents and rabbinic leaders in Nahariya, Ma'alot, Rosh Pina, and IDF forward artillery positions in the last two days - holding one interview under fire. Hizbullah lobbed close to 200 rockets into Israel in the last 48 hours, killing one Israeli-American immigrant and wounding dozens of others.

Remnants of Katyusha rocket which hit Ma'alot earlier in the week.
Orange sticker says, "Caution. Flammable material," written in Hebrew,
indicating that the propellant was either smuggled into Lebanon
from Israel or was taken from IDF stocks. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Rockets kept falling throughout the night and into this morning.

Editing these reports down now. Please check back here later today and tonight, (depending on Internet connectivity, and how long I hold out during the fast) to see and hear the results.


Adrian said...

Or one of the many leftovers from SLA stocks or IDF landmines.

MIM said...

Keep up the good work.You are providing invaluable information from the front which needs to be shown to the world. Our thoughts are with you. The war has many fronts .Hezbollah is here too, in the guise of Lebanese /'American' citizens with passports. How ironic that the U.S. military brought back 25,000 thousands Lebanese who are American citizens,the majority of whom support Hezbollah.They are shown on the news ,sitting well dressed and comfortable on the sofas in their 'American Dream' homes, openly praising Hezbollah asserting that they are a social and political force -not terrorists. Not one journalist has challenged them -by asking for example if they support Nasrallah's demand to release baby killer Samir Kuntar. More egregious still, these returning Lebanese who had been visiting family in Hezbollah strongholds were not only not screened on their return to the United States- they were welcomed as victims and refugees. Counter terrorism expert Steven Emerson has warned that America could become a target of Hezbollah operatives in the U.S. Our job on the American front is to find them before that happens. Any Lebanese/'American' appearing on television voicing support for Hezbollah is advocating terrorism and should be regarded as an accomplice.As writer Douglas Murray(who recently returned from Israel) stated: "We must emphasize that parity does not exist when there is a war between a democratic state and a terror organization. This is something that large swathes of the media - and the UN - simply cannot understand. Such a conflict is not a 50/50 event..."

Ardie said...

Dave, you are on the scene doing incredible work. Keep it up. As I read the comments submitted in response to various on-line articles it is so unfortunately clear that "the truth is NOT out there." So many of the comments from around the world choose to ignore the devastation in Israel's northern cities. Keep you head down, but keep up the highly professional reporting.


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