Sunday, August 13

Giving 'till it hurts: Wounded troops; crowded house in the bomb shelters (Exclusive Podcast, Video, Photos) UPDATED

UPDATE: Listen to this exclusive Podcast report from an overcrowded bomb shelter in Nahariya, protecting distressed adults, the elderly and young as Katyushas hammer into the vicinity.

Wounded IDF soldier with "tefillin" (phylacteries) and IV shunt
at Nahariya Hospital (Photo: Yossi Raichman)

American Chabad donor handing out gift packages to wounded soldiers
at Nahariya Hospital (Photo: Dave Bender)

Follow up to previous post:

Traveled across the north of Israel over the last few days with a group pf Chabad Lubavitch emmisaries delivering food and gift packages to residents, IDF soldiers at front line posts, and others wounded-in-action at Nahariya Hospital.

Video and audio clips are on the way. Please stop back later today (Sunday, Aug 13, 10:15 IST) to view, listen and learn.

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