Sunday, August 20

Cat-yusha blogging the war... (Photo)

Kitten on porch of Katyusha-damaged apartment building
in Nahariya (Photo: Dave Bender)

I took this photo of a kitten and flag at a house that was hit by a Katyusha. Get it?! This - of course - goes with this.

Ahh, some days I just slay me...

Ahem... Here's a more serious view of the damage. Note the pockmarked wall, door and shutters:

(Photo: Dave Bender)

Click on the image or here for more about this story, including a video clip, an on-site audio podcast and photos of residents.

Now that I've got your attention, here's a story from Ynet News about donating to Israel, a few donation sites to help Israel's northern residents get back on their feet, a story about buying (northern) Blue & White,

And, unfortunately, this:
The Royal Mail this week promised to launch an investigation after Totally Jewish discovered that donations sent from Jews in London to a charity in Israel were being daubed with swastikas en route to their destination.

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