Monday, August 7

Breaking News: IDF downs Hizbollah UAV over Israel (UPDATE)

Iranian UAV
, similar to that
aired in film clip

The Israeli army has downed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying over Israeli territory.

The device, launched by Hizbullah from Lebanon, reportedly carried 45-kilograms of explosives, according to my beeper service, and was shot down over water, according to Israel Channel Ten TV.

UPDATE 20:45: An IAF anti-aircraft officer, who denied that the aircraft was armed, told the program anchors in a telephone interview that the craft was spotted at 19:00 this evening traveling from north to south, 10 kilometers out to sea. He said an F-16 jet downed the UAV, and that it was the third attempt to send such weaponry into Israel.

Haaretz has more details.

The Jerusalem Post has an IDF pic and here's a brief clip segment from JerusalemOnline video news.

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