Thursday, July 20

UK 'Guardian' joins 'Washington Post' in slandering Israel (UPDATE)

Adloyada on what the British public is seeing and reading about what Israel is doing in Lebanon - via the above truly malevolent editorial catoon in the Guardian:

"Yesterday, I posted about how Nick Garland's Daily Telegraph cartoon invoked traditional stereotypes of Jews as cruel abusers of innocent children, whilst sanitising Hezbollah as no worse than a naughty boy prince with only toy weapons.

"I've always found Martin Rowson's cartoons repulsive..."

No doubt Mr. Rowson would appreciate your cool-headed, brief, artistic critique, much like Mr. Co-hen in the Washington Post on Israel's mistaken existence.

"Via Tom Gross from Larry M, here's an image of what's in [Hezbollah's] rockets:


"And in case you think those ball bearings are just little wasp stings, here's what they do to the body of a car:


"I'll leave you to use your imagination about what they might do to the Israelis they hit-- say like a defenceless pair of Israeli Arab children."

She's good. Read it all.

UPDATE (Hat tip to My Right Word):

Corrections and clarifications
Thursday July 20, 2006

The Guardian

Yesterday's cartoon on page 29 (Comment) portrayed Israeli military action in Lebanon in the form of a mailed fist with Stars of David as knuckle-dusters. By failing to identify them in a specifically Israeli form - such as in the colours of the flag - the point the cartoon was making might have been interpreted as implicating Judaism rather than the Israeli government in the present conflict. That was not the intention, and we are sorry if anyone saw it that way.


Ozzie said...

The war is being fought on multiple fronts including the airwaves. We have to continue to be vigilant and stay strong.


tafka PP said...

If we're searching for truths in this world, I think we'll always be able to rely on The Guardian to be horrible and rude about Israel.


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