Sunday, July 30

This Just In: Mel Brooks and the 'Art of War' (Video)

Abba Gav just plain nails it:

Hizballah's tactic of holding it's own people hostage as human shields is indeed working to an extent I haven't witnessed in years. It makes me think Nasrallah must have Mel Brooks, the master of this technique, on staff as a military consultant.

It worked for Cleavon Little in Mel Brooks' classic, Blazing Saddles. Sheik Nasrallah has clearly read, or rather watched Mel Brooks' version of "The Art of War" and thinks it will work again. Frankly, Kofi and the international community are reacting pretty much the same as the concerned lady in Brooks film, crying out: "Isn't anyone going to help that poor man?" The way they blame Israel for the deaths of civilians instead of Nasrallah, the one who intentionally imperils his own civilians and ours too, I'd have to say they might be proving Nasrallah right.

Watching the clip made me laugh before my morning coffee, as well. More bitterly than the coffee grounds, but still a laugh...

(Many links to useful analysis, as well)

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Gavriel said...

Thanks Dave. It's better to laugh than to cry.


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