Tuesday, July 11

This Just In: Israel Dismantles; World's Problems End (UPDATE: Video)

"It's not every day when the French, the Germans, Muslims, Communists, Nazis, Arabs,
Socialists, and the United Nations agree on things; when they do,
it's obvious that they must be correct."

UPDATE: Dramatic video of Hamas' response to move, and Knesset update here.

"My cabinet and I had long discussions about world troubles, and we concluded that our critics are right - all the troubles can be traced back to us. So, in order to resolve these issues, we felt it would be best to extend our withdrawal beyond Gaza to include the West Bank and Israel proper," [Olmert] said. 'The Gaza pullout was only a test, and the ensuing waves of peace and brotherhood it had triggered in Palestine and beyond, encouraged us to disband altogether. Without us here, people of the world will finally be able, once again, to live in permanent harmony and understanding - just like they all did before Israel's founding nearly sixty years ago.'

Persistent rhetoric coming from progressive critics has convinced
Israeli officials that the state of Israel has no moral right to exist.

"From Russia to Morocco to Yemen to France, countries are anticipating the arrival of Israelis. In Moscow, an enormous banner was erected that read 'Welcome Home, Jews.' and erstwhile presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky exclaimed, 'I'm going to bake a huge batch of cookies for this homecoming!' And in cities throughout Germany, joyous 'Judenfests' were ubiquitous, as local citizens were arranging festivals to celebrate the Jewish arrival. German foreign minister Joschka Fischer indicated that, 'For some reason, the Jewish presence in Germany is low by historical standards; many of our citizens under the age of 70 have never even met a Jew. In addition to curing the world's problems, the dismantling of Israel will give our people the opportunity to achieve their main wish in life - to live with Jews.'

PA Chairman Abbas: "We will bring to fruition all the programs started in refugee camps,
such as our breakthroughs in medicine, education, applied and theoretical sciences,
nanotechnology, and space exploration."

"Similarly, the new Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has kicked off a popular 'Iran-loves-Jews' campaign that will include a sensitive re-writing of the laws to accommodate religions other than Islam."

Kofi Annan: "Without Israel to condemn,
what resolutions could we possibly pass?
We're finished!"
Read it all.

UPDATE: to my new readers:

Hi there. Me here.

You may read the above and think, "C'mon, clearly this is cunning Jewish, Zionist, agitprop propaganda cleverly spun to bamboozle the unwashed, brainwashed masses away from considering Israel's war crimes against humanity!"

Wrong as the day is long, mon frere! Me? As far as exposing lying Zionist propaganda goes, I'm small potatoes, a mere drop in the bucket, nay, nada compared to this guy:

"Professor Hasan Bolkhari, Iranian “mass media expert” and cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, explains why the evil Jewish Walt Disney company unleashed the ultimate weapon against the Islamic world—Tom and Jerry cartoons:"

Film Seminar on Iranian TV: Tom and Jerry - A Jewish Conspiracy to Improve the Image of Mice, because Jews Were Termed "Dirty Mice"

In the eternal words of King David: "Katonti, m'lhikanes bein ha'harim," (Who such as I, dare go against such peaks of intellectual wisdom).

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