Friday, July 14

TalkSPORT London radio interview UPDATE (Exclusive Podcast)

Google view of Israel and Lebanon looking southeast. Beirut is at the
bottom left next to the compass; Tel Aviv, at upper right.

Had an interesting two-way audio report with TalkSPORT London radio presenter James Wales, on what Britons are viewing as horrific scenes of the aftermath of IDF strikes against Hizbullah targets throughout much of Lebanon, and meanwhile, the mood on the Israeli street as some 700 Katyusha rockets hammer Israel's north.

Listen in here.

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Andreas said...

Interesting podcast. I guess many people over here in Europe see the situation like your London counterpart. But I hope you are right and there's no "Armageddon" waiting next door.

My family and my friends ask, "but you don't want to go to Israel in september?" and I have to confess - at the moment, I wouldn't go. But on the other hand I just read in the about some US-tourists who say: "Washington D.C. is still more dangerous than Israel". So it's always a matter of the point of view.

Greetings from Germany & keep your excellent work up - and be careful,


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