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Summer camp in Israel: Shayna, Merav and life with Katyushas

Merav & Shayna

(Colleague Brian Blum and I have something in common far beyond mere blogging: we both have 13-year-old daughters who are best friends - Shayna and Merav. Brian, wife Jody, myself along with dozens of other excited parents clustered around the bus to camp Shluchot Friday morning in Jerusalem, doting over our progeny and their gear one last time before they were boarded for two weeks of carefree fun. For them. We, on the home front on the other hand were less sanguine about the "matsav - situation," as Brian so eloquently describes - DB.)
For weeks, 12-year-old Merav has been buzzing about summer camp. On Friday, she heads off for her first overnight camping experience - two weeks at the "Kayitz b'Kibbutz" program at Kibbutz Shluchot, just south of Beit Shean in the Jordan Valley.

Much of Merav's excitement has been about what to bring. She's spent hours and not an insignificant number of her parents' shekels buying new gear - pajamas and a new bathing suit, a better sleeping bag, two disposable cameras, bug spray, suntan lotion, snacks for the bus ride, and many more items I've long since lost count of.

She has busily consulted with her friend Shayna, who was a camper the year before, on everything from what to expect on Shabbat to the type of boys she might meet. Together they have looked at pictures posted by the camp on its Web site. By this point, she knows just about all she can before actually getting there.

Except for one thing, which we haven't had the heart to tell her. We're not sure she should go.

You see, her camp is a two-hour drive north of Jerusalem. Which puts it potentially in Katyusha range of southern Lebanon.

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Merav with mom, Jody and Brian Blum

Shayna and Dave

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