Monday, July 24

Sparks fly when pro-Israeli attends anti-Israel rally (Editorial cartoon - Video)

Signs of the Times (Cox & Forkum)

Parody and editorial exagguration, right?


From Solomonia:
This past Friday, the Muslim American Society held their "Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Protest" at Boston's City Hall Plaza referred to at the end of this post. The Boston Globe has its report here: Muslims, Christians protest bombardment of Lebanon

Oh, but that's not the full story. No, no, my friends. You see, freelance operative Seva Brodsky was in the house, camera in hand -- and there was much jostling, grabbing, profanity and threats of violence directed toward our intrepid defender of Israel and America. The remainder of this post is either submitted by, or based on descriptions from, Seva. The pictures and video are his. Any asides from me are placed in brackets, Mr. Brodsky's submission is below in pull-quote format.

Read it all.

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