Monday, July 3

Soldier's abductors set deadline for Israel

"The three Palestinian militant groups behind the kidnap of an Israel Defense Forces soldier on Monday gave Israel until 6 A.M. Tuesday to release Palestinian prisoners or "pay the consequences."

"The groups said that if they did not hear from Israel by that time, they wo
uld consider the abduction of Corporal Gilad Shalit a "closed case," but did not elaborate on the implications of the statement.

"'Military Communique 3" issued Monday said: "If the enemy does not agree to our humanitarian demands... we will regard this case as closed.'"

The Jerusalem Post has more.

Meanwhile, "
The London-based Al Hayat newspaper reported on Monday that Egyptian representatives in the Gaza Strip confirmed that kidnapped IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit is alive."

And the IDF is operating in the northern Gaza Strip, as of early Monday morning, reports YNETnews.

Northern Gaza Strip, with 'Beit Lehiya,' and 'Beit Hanoun' (L-R) neighborhoods, also exploited as Kassam rocket firing areas , circled in red. Several Israeli communities were also located in the same areas, with Palestinian rocket crews now firing from atop the ruins and rubble towards Sderot to the east and Ashkelon to the north. (Photo: Haaretz)

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Anonymous said...


I always wish I could be in Israel at times like this to do what little I can.
It is difficult to be restrained in these times. What these savages did to Eliyahu makes me sick.
I am hoping for good news about Gilad, I am hoping for his quick return home, and even more, that the IDF will put enough pressure on the terrorists to stop the constant Qassam attacks. I don't understand how any government could let such attacks go on for so long without any meaningful response.

I am so angry at these savages, but so proud of the IDF.

I hope there is a quick and successful resolution to the situation. July 4 is the anniversary of the Entebbe rescue-- and I hope in this case history will be repeated.



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