Sunday, July 16

Report: IDF commandos operating in Lebanon

Israeli SEAL

IDF special commando forces are operating in Lebanon, according to a report on Israel Channel 10 television just before 13:30, Sunday.

The unit (or units) are not large, according to the reporter, and are likely operating to foil rocket launches towards Israel.

And this is how and where they may be doing it:

"A senior IDF officer disclosed on Saturday that Hezbullah has been hiding a large quantity of long-range rockets in specially-designed rooms built in houses in Southern Lebanon villages, operating under the assumption that the Israeli army will have difficulty in locating them and that it would prefer not to harm villages. "According to the official, the concealed rockets have a range of 40-70 kilometers (25-45 miles). "According to the official, 'We took the gloves off in this confrontation, we targeted these places and will hit every convoy transporting arms, even if there are Iranian elements within it.'"

(Hat tip; Israel Matzav)

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