Sunday, July 16

Pro-Israel rally in Berlin at 'Potsdamer Platz' (Photo)

(Hat tip to colleague Andreas in Germany)

(Fire up a separate "Babelfish" or other translator page, and then go over to the German language page to see more)

"Andreas said... There has been a - fairly small - rally to support Israel today in Berlin/Germany.

You can read about it and see some pictures here."


Andreas said...

If you have already babelfish loaded, you should also direct it to,1518,426851,00.html

It's an article by Henryk M. Broder in one of the most important German online-media called "Spiegel Online".

It's late and I am tired so I won't try to translate parts of the article, but it deals with the question why Israel reacts like it reacts - and that for Arab fundamentalists there is no "compromise" or "deal", but only victory or death - and therefor a country like Israel has to be strong and react strong. I like the text, because it's a straight opinion, but nothing like "beat'em!!!"-shouting.

and everybody in Israel, take care,

Andreas said...

The other side

On monday about 1000 people demonstrated against Israel in Berlin. Recording to news-articles they shouted "death to Israel" and some carried pictures of Nasrallah.

On saturday they will protest again and reclaimed, that they "will be even more".


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