Saturday, July 22

Lebanese TV satire skewers Hizbullah: 'illegitimate rockets' (Video - reloaded)

A satirical show severely criticizing Hezbollah was shown on Lebanese LBC-TV. It focused on Katyusha attacks and Hamas's boasts concerning a "balance of deterrence" with Israel and "liberating" the Shebaa Farms. Lebanese Shi'ites rioted and the satirical show was quickly taken off the air.

I'm reposting this, thanks to the range of interesting replies by viewers, notably from Lebanon. Drop a comment yerself, why don'cha... (potential spammers and trolls: note the following update and consider yourselves warned...)

Israeli aircraft have knocked out mobile phone and TV masts in Lebanon. Air raids struck a relay station used by several Lebanese TV channels and a mast of the Alfa mobile telephone network in Christian areas, north of Beirut. Video of aftermath of strike is here.

WilliamBrothers (4 days ago)
Ha, that was great, however its really hard to imagine that the middle eastern countries can find humor in such matters. I loved the ending.
davebender (4 days ago)
Israelis can and regularly do - sharp satire is big here, and actually, as far as Middle Eastern Arabs go, the Lebanese are typically the most "worldly," and the most likely to have the self confidence to have a laugh at themselves.
abdok (4 days ago)
LMAO!! While we DO love to joke about ourselves This unfortuantly caused outcry by the shiites in Lebanon... They seem to think they are protected from jokes... WE HATE HIZBOLLA AND ITS TIME THEY LEFT WITH THEIR MATES SYRIA
davebender (4 days ago)
Hi there,
Are you writing from Lebanon? Are you safe?
Please send me an email ASAP, so we can be in contact. davebrianbender at g mail dot com.
Baylajo (3 days ago)
I feel for the Lebanese people. When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.
i always knew that turky and lebanon were the only nations in the middle east with such potential of freedom and greatness (besides IL).
hope the good ones are safe and my best regards to all who oppose the hezbullah!
zetoza3tar (20 hours ago)
what is this??its a shame on lbc make this about sayid al moqawama,they have to respect him coz he liberated lebanon
powelltg (12 hours ago)
Hillarious, I hope more satire like this abounds. Christian and Sunni and others may not reallize it but this whole mess is just a continuation of the Cedar Revolution. Enough with unity and realize that the fight that began with the murder of Hariri is not over yet. The fasiq in the south did not care of unity when he declared war on behalf of lebanon.
powelltg (12 hours ago)
Did the people think that Ahmadinejad and Assad would withdraw so easily that it only took some Ghandi like marching in the streets? Of course not! It appears that most were expecting a honeymoon before the wedding night! If all will surrender their sovereignty for the sake of "unity" they will get neither.
powelltg (12 hours ago)
If the American Colonists celebrated victory after the Boston Tea Party, they would never have acheived their objective. It proved to be a bloody uphill fight toward triumph.

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