Tuesday, July 4

Kassam rocket hammers Ashkelon schoolyard

Palestinians in Gaza fired a two-engined Kassam rocket into central Ashkelon at about 19:15 Tuesday evening.

There were no injuries in the attack, although several residents were treated for trauma at the
ORT Ronson High School, where the rocket punched a meter-and-a-half hole in the schoolyard.

Security forces say the projectile, reportedly fired from the ruins of the former community of Nisanit in northern Gaza, traveled some 15 kilometers to hit the major southern city, in the first such strike of its kind.

Between Gaza, on the far left and the major coastal city of Ashkelon, some 15 km distant on the right, lies a major power station, strategic national facilities, an oil farm, a national pipeline, chlorine tanks and military facilities. Kassam rocket fire in the last two years has already hit several of these locations.

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