Friday, July 28

Just how much of Beirut has the IDF demolished? (Map)

The scenes of devastation by the IDF in Beirut and southern Lebanon are awful, the loss of innocent life among non-combatants deeply regretted by Israel and Israelis of all political stripes.

But here's a map showing exactly just how much Israeli air force jets and offshore naval barrages toppled in the Lebanese capital (hint: you'll have to look real, real close):

Hat tip: Vital Perspective and Serandez)


Anonymous said...

This is excellent stuff, now for comparison, show a map of all the places Hezbollah has hit with their rockets as well.

Regardless of outcome, ( I think Hezbollah has probably indescriminately hit more) but post both so there is no doubt

Edward Ott said...

The Isreali military is always quick to say that they are sorry for killing civilians and they do say it an awful lot. starts to ring hollow after a while.

Riwkas blog said...

See also JPost:

Staying sane in Beirut - with yoga and manicures

shabbat shalom

Anonymous said...

A map like this would be very useful. But this particular map is not helpful because its author does not provide any references to the information source(s).
Shabbat Shalom,


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