Monday, July 3

Israeli scientists find way to 'starve' cancer cells

"Cancer cells are seen amidst healthy cells in an undated photo from the National Cancer Institute. Scientists at an Israeli university have found a promising new way to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells" (Copy, Photo: Reuters)

(This goes well as a counterpoint, in a perverse, yet life-affirming sort of way, to the noxious, pathetic UK Jihadi screed below. Speaking personally as a stepfather of a teenage daughter who struggled mightily - and has won out against a stage-three lymphoma, thanks to Israeli doctors and staff at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, this report is wonderful news. This really is the land of miracles.)


"Scientists at an Israeli university have found a promising new way to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells while carrying out research to boost the size of peaches and nectarines, the university said on Sunday.

"The Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists found that a protein similar to one researched in their project had the effect of blocking blood supply to tumors.

"'By blocking the blood supply to the tumors, actibind halted the ability of malignant cells to move through the blood stream,' the university said.

"'Their approach has been shown to inhibit the malignant cells without affecting normal cells and without the severe side effects of traditional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy,' it said."
The original story: "My family is undergoing a crash course in hanging on for dear life in a struggle against cancer. And in one bitter lesson along the way, I am once again reminded of the gaping hole Palestinian terrorism slashes deep within Israeli lives and society."

(Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)

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Whole Wheat Bagel said...

One has to wonder if those who choose to divest from Israel would seek to benefit from this research.


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