Saturday, July 1

Israeli PM Olmert's "predicament" (Editorial Cartoon)

Just saw this in the Shabbat/Sabbath edition of Israel's Makor Rishon newspaper.

Never mind the political affiliations - it sure sums up Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's present situation, no?

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M. Simon said...

From over here in the USA he is looking quite forceful.

TV news reported tonight (after the Space Shuttle Story) that Israel was creating a humanitarian crisis and at the same time providing supplies to the Palis. Not a bad message compared to what you used to see.

The Sharon Plan to give the Palis a defacto state in Gaza has helped hasbra immensely. The election of Hamas was an even bigger bonus.

The Palistinians are no longer an occupied people as far as the media is concerned. At this point there is no rush to settle the West Bank issues. Those can be put on hold for at least five years and maybe several decades.

Here is an extended version of my take on the Sharon Plan with reference to a prediction I made around the time of the Gaza evacuation.


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