Wednesday, July 19

Israeli-American mother's moving words on aliyah and terrorism (Exclusive audio)

KING: We’re back on LARRY KING LIVE. Let’s go to Tel Aviv and Miri Eisin. She is the Israeli government spokesperson, retired colonel with the Israeli military intelligence. What’s your reaction to what Mr. Mousawi of the Hezbollah just had to say?

MIRI EISIN, ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPOKESPERSON: I find it very interesting that the editor of Al-Manar TV talks only about things which have nothing to do with what’s happening. Almost seven days ago already Hezbollah crossed the border, an internationally recognized border, into Israeli territory, kidnapped two soldiers and at the same time, and this he failed to mention, opened fire with rockets on all of the northern villages of Israel.

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Miri Eisen is very impressive in putting Israel's case across via the media, and even more so in person. This I know personally:

Eisen, who is a veteran immigrant from California, addressed a 2004 memorial ceremony for fallen North American immigrants who died in the line of duty and in terror attacks, held annually by the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel.

Here are her moving words, as, repeatedly choking back tears, she talks about her parents brave decision to make "aliyah" (immigration to Israel), and her decision put down roots here, and proudly raise a family in the face of terror and tyranny.

Her simple, evocative words about raising children here, by choice, resonate more than ever in these trying days of battle.

A bio page is here.

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