Wednesday, July 12

IDF intel chief: Kidnapping 'a nightmarish peek into an Iranian-led Mideast' (Exclusive Podcast Interview)

Dr. Eran Lerman (IDF Col. - res.), former deputy chief of IDF strategic intelligence planning, talks with Israel At Level Ground in an exclusive interview:
  • Is Israel on the brink of a multi-pronged hot war with Lebanon, Hizbullah, Syria and the Palestinians?

  • Can the IDF logistically capable of carrying out such wide-ranging operations?

  • Events over the next 48 to 72 hours.

  • Is Defense Minister Amir Peretz - without military experience - up to the job ahead of him, or will he be a victim of circumstances, in way over his head?

    Listen in now.


Bagel Blogger said...

Great Interview, Dave.
I think the world is tiring of Middle East terrorism, and despite the leftist media beat up on Israel most western countries are quickly understanding Israel's need for action.

regards Aaron

Dave said...

Thanks Aaron.

Tough days ahead. We all need to be strong - together.



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