Wednesday, July 26

Hot Orthodox Supermodel: Havi Mond (Original Content)

Havi Mond
By Dave Bender for Atlanta Jewish Life
Havi Mond, a fast-rising Star of David
in London’s modeling firmament, says that while getting kosher cuisine catered to her photo shoots and occasionally missing lucrative weekend gigs at first posed limitations, her clients don’t seem to mind at all, perhaps even spinning it as some sort of atavistic “ethnic chic.”

It’s like an updated version of some 1940s cinematic shmattes-to-riches tale, where the shy, small-town girl gets her lucky break in the big city. In 2001, the then 16-year-old Mond was out strolling with her aunt during a visit to London, when “a booker from the Select Modeling agency saw me in the street, started speaking with us and said she would like me to come to the modeling agency to start working with them.”

Read it all, and make my day for writing it. Hear an excerpt of the interview.

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