Sunday, July 16

Haaretz: 'We deserve the Qassams and the Katyushas' (Op-ed, Editorial Cartoon)

Cox & Forkum

From Haaretz's Nadav Shragai, who, surprisingly, goes "Katyusha" over his home team:

We deserve the Qassams and the Katyushas

"The hundreds of Qassams and Katyushas that have landed in the south and north are a natural response coming from those who, over the years, have grown used to believing that Israel regards the thousands of mortars and Qassams on the inhabitants of Gush Katif as nothing more than rain."

"The truth? We earned it honestly as a nation of gullible fools, who over and over followed the illusions of quiet, peace and demography sold buy its leaders. We deserve it. However, the influence of the recent events has moved something, maybe temporarily, but something has moved. Suddenly, there's not enough room on board for all those who are disengagement opponents.

"Half of them, it turns out, were at Kfar Maimon - we must have missed them. The other half, were like the secret Jews of the Spanish inquisition, secretly opposed, while publicly voting in favor."

Pick your jaw up off the floor and read the rest.

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