Tuesday, July 11

Former US amb. brother moves to Israel, over Green Line

Maale Adumim (foreground), looking west towards Jerusalem.

An interesting one-on-one interview at
YNETnews with Ben Kurtzer, the brother of former US Ambassador Danial Kurtzer who, together with family, just made aliyah to Israel. The family moved over the Green Line to the city of Maale Adumim, just due east of Jerusalem.

"Ben Kurtzer always dreamed of making aliyah, but he did not want to make life complicated for his big brother, the former American ambassador to Israel. He was concerned that his rightwing views and his desire to settle over the Green Line with his family would cause a diplomatic incident. His brother was replaced a year ago, and Ben Kurtzer is no longer afraid. He moved to Israel, resides in Maale Adumim, and even laughs when he recalls how Ariel Sharon referred to him as ‘too right-wing’"

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Maps of the area.

on Maale Adumim.

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