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Family of US youth slain in Passover bombing set up foundation

Daniel Wultz, 16, of Weston, Fla, died from wounds inflicted in
April 17th suicide bombing at Tel Aviv old bus station

(Communicated from Naomi Ragen -Dave.)

(I am Sheryl Wultz, the mother of Daniel. I believe we must
stand strong together to fight this evil of terrorism and would appreciate any help you can offer Daniel's foundation. You have my permission and thanks for forwarding my dear friend, Amy Ederi's, e-mail about Daniel's foundation. Sincerely, Sheryl Wultz)

>From Amy:

I am writing to all of you who prayed for Daniel's
recovery, encouraged others to do so, continued to pray for
Daniel's family to have strength to endure, responded to my
emails, shared my or your own emails with others, supported
this family in so many ways and have asked what else can be

As each day has passed since Daniel's death on May 14th,
it has become more difficult for me to write. I assumed it
would become easier to do so, but as Mother's Day passed,
the initial week of Shiva passed, the first month of Shiva
passed, and Father's Day passed, the reality of all that
occurred and Daniel no longer being physically present with
us is still being deeply felt and processed. The void for
his family and friends is immeasurable. The loss for our
world is enormous.

Daniel and his tragic death have been acknowledged by the
President of the United States, Cabinet members, all members
of Congress, the Israeli Prime Minister and Israel's
government, diverse houses of worship, schools, and many
other individuals and organizations, including Daniel's
favorite sports team, the Miami Heat, who during their
playoffs to become the Champions of the United States,
memorialized Daniel with his photograph being displayed
throughout the Arena while a narrative was shared followed
by a moment of silent meditation. Several organizations
planned events that have occurred and others that will
occur in the future in Daniel's memory

I am writing to share with you that Daniel's family, after
much thought, has decided how they wish for all of us to
honor Daniel's memory.

A foundation is being created entitled "The Daniel Cantor
Wultz Foundation."

The Foundation's mission is: to educate people on the
effects of terrorism; build a community of individuals and
organizations committed to rejecting terrorism in all forms
and places; and to improve the world by promoting socially
responsible actions and ethically guided behavior.

The Foundation's goals are to: develop a high school based
written curriculum to be utilized in the public and private
school systems; develop workshops to be used in the school
system as well as other venues; educate adults through
lectures, movies and special awareness events on terrorism,
hate and intolerance; continue awareness through promoting
socially responsible behavior (such as consumer choices) and
legislative support (such as supporting anti-terrorism
legislation); and encourage ethically guided behavior
through encouraging all people to do good deeds and acts of

The Foundation is starting to plan several events that will
provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to
participate in various manners and that will make an
everlasting impact to improve our world today and our world
for future generations. More detailed information will be
provided in the near future about the Foundation and
upcoming events.

Donations can be made to the "Daniel Cantor Wultz
Foundation" and sent care of Robert Josefsberg at Podhurst
Orseck, 25 West Flagler Street, Suite 800, Miami, Fla.

On behalf of Sheryl, Tuly, and Amanda, I thank you for your
ongoing prayers, support, and participation in assisting
them to achieve and exceed their goals in Daniel's memory.


More at the One Family Fund.

Aftermath of of suicide bombing at "Mayor's Felafel," Tel Aviv.

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