Wednesday, July 19

A brief timeout for sanity... (Original Jerusalem photos)

(Photo: Dave Bender)
Well. Well. Well. Ain't we just havin'a grand freakin' ole' time over here...

Fed up to the gills with trying to keep on top of the news today, I took a break and rode my bicycle into town, and back to Gilo.

On the way back, I spotted a little girl herding goats, on Hebron Road. I imagine she was from nearby Beit Safafa.

The warm, late afternoon light, ruins of a stone structure where they stopped to graze among the olive trees, tawny wildflowers and grasses made for nice images. Enjoy.

(Photo: Dave Bender)
And now back to our regularly scheduled mayhem.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for thise pics. They lift the spirit.


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