Friday, July 28

Beit Kobi: Home for immigrant IDF soldiers

Once a "lone soldier," (a single immigrant to Israel doing their required IDF service) myself, I fully support this group and their operation:

Beit Kobie is a non-profit foundation that has been formed in remembrance of Sgt. Kobie Ichelboim, a commander and a fighter in the IDF who was killed on March 10, 2002, in active duty, near Nezarim in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF was created in order to defend the state of Israel and its citizens. Besides this obligation, the IDF became a central adhesive in the Israeli society and assumed social tasks such as receiving new immigrants.

Beit Kobie provides a home and family for lone soldiers serving in the IDF.

Please donate or help out whatever way you can:

Beit Kobie
(registered friendly society # 58-039-424-5)
45 Sheinkin st., P.O.Box 45, Givatayim 53111.
Phone: 972-3-5732216 , Fax: 972-3-5732210 , Mobile: 972-53-730837
Web Site:

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Yaakova said...

Please help me get the word out that 12 more temporary residences for refugees from the north were just posted on my blog, at
I'll post this on a few other blogs as well.
Thank you!


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