Sunday, July 2

And this is your brain on drugs (Satire... right?)

Gay Black Jewish Klansmen.

For tolerance and understanding.


So, I guess this means, umm, that there's still hope for mideast peace, or piece, or... ahh, geez, I sure hope this is real and not a Photoshopped satire...

But them again, real in this case is way scarier, and besides, that Spongebob poster on the right makes my brain hurt trying to figure it all out.

(Hat tip to Yisrael at My Right Word)


M. Simon said...

I think those sheets are supposed to be pink. Adjust your colors accordingly.

Dave said...

"Adjust your colors accordingly" Photoshop doesn't have a RGB template going that far off the scale...

Sorry m. simon - those aren't colors found in nature. Too damn much rayon died to make that picture.


M. Simon said...

OK maybe it was purple on purpose.

My thought was the pink=gay bit.

M. Simon said...

Speaking of drugs:

PTSD and the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is a famous Israeli Researcher. Discoverer of the CB1 receptor (which is very big in the brain).

He has reluctantly come to the conclusion that a lot of chronic drug use is self medication.

Any way, since you write I thought that might be of interest.


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