Friday, July 28

American-born, Israeli musician, IDF artilleryman on northern border (Music)

Eli Deutsch
A Soldier:
American-born IDF artillery corps soldier
Elie Deutsch serves in a religious Hesder unit that is currently stationed on the northern border of Israel.

A Song:
Elie, a budding musician, is working on his first Jewish music album. Elie’s music career has taken a backseat to his National obligations since his army discharge has been indefinitely delayed due to the current military situation.

A Project:
By “selling” a downloadable audio album with Elie’s music and conversation clips, we will direct the proceeds to assist the people who need it the most; residents of the north and our weary soldiers, while promoting the career of one of “our own” dedicated IDF soldiers in the process.

Your $10 payment entitles you to download a zipped audio file that includes 5 songs from IDF soldier/musician Elie Deutsch's album-in-progress. The file also includes clips from conversations recorded by Elie and his army friends, who are currently fighting in an artillery unit on the Northern Front.

Go to the site, listen to the clips, and do your part!

(Hat tip: Meryl Yourish)


mkm19600...frm LGF said...

Dave thanks for the link to Download Eli's music, I don't understand Hebrew, but the music speaks a language all its own. I hope that he will get back to the studio when all is done. The music tracks I have listened to so far are mavelous. I hope that the little bit I gave for the download will be multiplied by thousands of others so that the citizens of North Israel and the IDF will be helped. Shabbot shalom.


Dave said...

Thanks for this!

"the music speaks a language all its own" Funny how that works...

Shabbat Shalom


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