Sunday, July 23

All We Are Saying, Is Give War A Chance

Pro-Hizbullah rally in Chicago. (Photo: ReadMe)
Colleague and friend Idele Ross, better know from the local electronic media has a great, from-the-heart op-ed in today's Ynetnews:
"My front line is a Jerusalem newsroom. I don't get sent to confrontation lines because I cannot endure human suffering first hand. But national suffering is something we must all endure for the time being.

"The center of the country, for now, is deceptively serene. An eerie blanket of routine preoccupies us all.

"The Jerusalem Beer Festival opened this week. The annual street basketball tournament took place in city hall square.

"Along the Tel Aviv Jerusalem route, security forces are catching the odd Palestinian terrorist here and there. Business as usual. Ours is a reality of tsk tsk and let's open our homes to people from the north, because that is about all we can do."

Read it all.

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