Tuesday, July 11

Absolut Hebron - Where am I? (Original photo contest)

Absolut Hebron (Photo: Dave Bender) Posted by Picasa

Just starting out the morning with this picture of an abandoned doorway I shot in Hebron.

First prize gets a hi-rez copy and a mention.

Anyone care to take a guess where it is? By the way, there was no Photoshopping of the image to make that shape, just slight color correction and sharpening.

Useful maps of the area and a backgrounder are here.

(Disclosure: I spent two weeks in reserve duty in Hebron guarding the Israeli Abraham Aveinu neighborhood several years ago. Came away from it with decidedly mixed feelings. Anyone willing to engage in a discussion on it is welcome to chime in.)

The photo below is also Hebron, from another location - you name it. Much more Photoshopping here: desaturation, sepia-toning, curves, etc.

Professional comments and critique are most welcome; I'm underwhelmed with the results, and want to go back and try for better composition and lighting; less noise and contrast. Hopefully that lovely little girl will also be there with that same innocent, expectatant smile.

Candle Girl - Hebron (Photo: Dave Bender)


mnuez said...

Looks to me like the place reputed to be the grave of Otniel Ben Kenaz.


The Hedyot said...

Oh my gosh! I have that same exact picture. I took it around 5 years ago, and have to pull it out to see if it's exactly the same spot, but it looks exactly like what I remember I have. I always wondered if it was worth sending to Absolut.

The Hedyot said...

Just got home and checked the pic I have. It's the same one. I can tell from the red paint smudges on the side. When I get a chance, I'll scan it and send it to you.


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