Sunday, July 9

77th Havel Havelim: Read 'em and reap

gone plum crazy writing like a banshee (Ok. Not a banshee. Like a Me-ander-er) in this week's Havel Havelim.

Bring an appetite and soup spoon and prepare to dig into all that rich, creamy bloggingness...

...and thanks for the link:

"Read Dave's beautifully illustrated
Quick Draw McGraw! You can sure get more with honey or a good laugh."

(from your mouth to You-Know-Who's ear, Batya)

Click and listen:
"77 Sunset Strip"

"Now what does that popular TV show from 45 years ago, 77 Sunset Strip, have to do with this edition of Havel Havelim? Very simple. This is the 77th edition of Havel Havelim, the Jewish-Israeli blogging carnival consisting of posts from blogs all over the world. It’s hosted by a different blogger each week and coordinated by Soccer Dad. The term “Havel Havelim” is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon, who built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other “excesses” and finally realized that it was nothing but norishkeit, “havel” or in English 'vanities.'"

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muse said...

Thanks for that very tempting link! I love the picture you found!


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